N.I.C.E. Agenda

Group picture at the N.I.C.E. meeting 2013 at the Dortmunder U

In November 2013, the initiators met in Dortmund, Germany, to review and discuss N.I.C.E. perspectives of the near future. The intention to act soon and make N.I.C.E. a part of Europe’s cultural policy emerged as a leitmotif.

Participants agreed that they want N.I.C.E. to develop a well-defined profile and become a renowned brand name in European cultural and creative industries policy making, strongly attracting stakeholders from cultural and artistic backgrounds as well as creative entrepreneurs and decision makers in politics.

Innovation is to be a key feature of N.I.C.E.’s, in the multiple sense of innovation as a product, as an attitude, a way of thinking and of working.

N.I.C.E., so initiators said at the workshop, wants to generate and exchange know-how and thus become a reference point when it comes to tapping the resources of culture and creativity. In that field, N.I.C.E. will ceaselessly promote innovations everywhere, and it ought to do so applying innovative strategies itself. The overall aim: spread ways of cultural thinking into all spheres of European society.

The first N.I.C.E. partner Workshop took place 2013 at the Dortmunder U.
The founding partners met to discuss the development of N.I.C.E.
After the successful Workshop, the agenda for the future of N.I.C.E. was set.