N.I.C.E. Exhibition designed by Clemens Müller
N.I.C.E. Vernissage
Olivier Le Guay
Olivier Le Guay presenting "Data Ethical Culture Observatory"
Olivier Le Guay, Forum d'Avignon
special guest
Deaf Magazine - Special Guest Digital Innovation in Culture
Special Guest
Impressions of the N.I.C.E. Exhibition
N.I.C.E. Exhibition
Alastair Parvin presenting "WikiHouse" and winner of the 3rd place
Alastair Parvin, WikiHouse Foundation
The projects are presented on oversized easels
Oversized Easel
David Cuartielles
David Cuartielles presenting
"Creative Technologies in the Classroom" and winner of the 4th place
David Cuartielles, Arduino Verkstadt
Kasia Molga and Erik Overmeire presenting "PlanEt" and winner of the 2nd place
Team WorldWilderLab
Besucher Vernissage
Visitor N.I.C.E. Exhibition
Deaf Magazine
Alexandros Michakalopoulos, Matthias Berghoff and Andreas Ruhe presenting "Deaf Magazine"
Team Deaf Magazine
Enrique Espinosa presenting "HOME BACK HOME" and winner of the 4th place
Enrique Espinosa, PKMN
Ivor Williams presenting "HELIX Studio"
Ivor Williams, HELIX
Gäste Vernissage
Guests N.I.C.E. Vernissage
Smart Citizen
Guillem Camprodon presenting
"Smart Citizen"
Guillem Camprodon
Visitors Exhibition
Robin Vincent presenting "1D Touch"
Robin Vincent, 1D Lab
Phillipe Bertrand
Philipe Bertrand presenting
"TheMachineToBeAnother" and first winner of the N.I.C.E. Award 2015
Philippe Bertrand, BeAnotherLab
Waves of Energy
Mikel Goni and Enara Garcia presenting "Waves of Energy/Ardora"
Mikel Goni & Enara Garcia
Kristof Retezár presenting "Fontus and Airo"
Kristof Retezár
Light and video installation seen from outside
N.I.C.E. Exhibition view from the street
Savion Roy
Bisera Savoska and Patricia Lopes presenting "Smarter Than You Think"
Bisera Savoska & Patricia Lopes
Room in a Box
Gerald Dissen and Lionel Palm presenting "ROOM IN A BOX"
Gerald Dissen & Lionel Palm
Johanna Leissner presenting
"Climate for Culture"
Johanna Leissner, Fraunhofer Institut
Inés Soria-Donlan presenting
"Education In Place of War"
Inés Soria-Donlan, IPOW
Close up
Project Close Up